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#AlbumArtRecreations Built to Spill’s “There is Nothing Wrong with Love” - man ‘94 had some great albums

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Monoblog Jokes 8/22/2014

A recent poll shows that more than 2/3rds of Americans want to criminalize children playing unsupervised. After asking citizens the follow-up question “Why do you hate fun?” the pollers were told to “get off my lawn, dammit”

Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey have just announced they are getting a divorce. When pressed for comment, Mariah hit every note perfectly. 

A contestant on MTV’s “Dating Naked”, a show in which contestants date while naked, is suing MTV for showing her… naked. The case is at a stand still due to everyone in the courtroom being unable to stop giggling. 

Several firefighters were injured in Campbellsville when a failed “Ice Bucket Challenge” caused a power-line to send an electric surge to the bucket they were standing in. The firefighters were especially hurt not by the shock of electricity, but by the shock of being betrayed by their lifelong ally - water.

A recent study shows that bears are capable of using tools - and will soon replace humans as the dominant species. 

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Banana slugs are like bananas in that if you peel one and put it on the ground for someone to slip on you will both be disappointed

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Social Anxiety at a Party

"Okay I’m at this party, I should probably talk to someone. 
I could talk to her, or I could talk to her.
But if I talk to her I don’t want to make her feel bad.
I don’t want to make anyone feel bad, but I can’t possibly talk to everyone.
Ugh, this is exhausting. 
I’m just going to leave”

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Ey budz, lets make a giant summer mixtape we can all add and listen to.
Don’t worry about genre, don’t worry about order, just slap a song on there and let the ~ good times ~ roll

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Jonah Ray


Jonah Ray (Jonah Raydio, Nerdist, Meltdown) stopped by while he was in Athens, and we talk about Michael Stipe sightings, how he got into comedy, and what it was like to meet the person that made him want to be a comedian.

MP3 File

I had the pleasure of interviewing Jonah Ray a few days ago. Be a pal and check it out!

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#awesomepeopletradingcards No. 12 Her new album is great, she killed it on Colbert, and her interview on Nerdist was DELIGHTFUL, so here’s St. Vincent

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#awesomepeopletradingcards No. 11 After listening to a lot of Ted Leo and Hold Steady, I decided to go back to Thin Lizzy - and MAN do they rule. Here’s the late, great Phil Lynott

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#awesomepeopletradingcards No. 10 I watched Shut Up and Play The Hits recently, then got into a LCD Soundsystem kick, so here’s James Murphy

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#AwesomePeopleTradingCards No. 008 Moving from comedians to musicians, albeit comedy-friendly ones. Heres indie-punk icon: Ted Leo